General provisions

These "General Terms and Conditions" or "Rules of Purchase and Sale" (hereinafter - the Rules) are a legally binding document that establishes the e-stores managed by the Buyer (hereinafter - "You, Yours, Yours, You") and the seller ., (hereinafter - electronic store, e-shop, our, us, us, us") mutual rights, duties and responsibilities when you purchase goods in the electronic store (hereinafter - the store).

Important! By ordering goods in our online store, you agree to all the terms of these Rules and undertake to comply with them.

Use e. store services have the right to:

able-bodied natural persons, at least 18 years of age;

minors between fifteen and eighteen years of age only with the consent of their parents, adoptive parents or guardians, except in cases where one's own earnings or scholarship are independently disposed of;

legal entities;

authorized representatives of all the above persons.

The prices of goods in the store are indicated after taxes are included. Shipping costs are not included.

The moment of conclusion of the purchase-sale contract

The contract between the Buyer and the Seller is considered concluded from the moment when the Buyer, after choosing the item(s) to be purchased and creating a shopping cart, clicks on the "Confirm order" link.

Your rights and responsibilities

You can choose and order any product from the store.

By using the services of the store, you agree to these rules of the purchase and sale agreement and must comply with them.

You are responsible for the completeness and correctness of the data provided in the order form.

You are responsible for all actions performed using the online store.

You must accept the ordered goods. If you, without valid reasons, refuse to accept the goods, you must cover the costs of delivering the goods.

The e-store is not responsible for any actions of third parties, when such persons, using your banking system, enter into purchase-sale contracts using the services of the e-store.

If the data provided in the order form changes, you must inform us immediately.

E-shop rights and obligations

Under reasonable circumstances, at any time and without warning you to temporarily suspend or terminate the operation of the electronic store.

To unilaterally partially or completely change these Rules and the conditions of operation of the electronic store on your own initiative.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, when we are unable to deliver the product you ordered, we undertake to offer you an analogous product. If you refuse to accept the analogue of the product, we will return the money paid if you have made an advance payment.

Final Provisions

The e-shop reserves the right to suspend, at its own discretion, fill in, change these Rules and other documents related to the Rules, informing you about this in the e-shop. Additions or changes to the rules take effect from the date of their publication, i.e. from the day they are placed in the store system.

If e. the store contains links to the web pages of other companies, institutions, organizations or individuals, the e-store is not responsible for the information or activities carried out there, does not supervise, control those web pages and does not represent those companies and individuals.

If you do not agree with the new version of the Rules, partial additions, changes, you have the right to refuse them, provided that you lose the right to use the services of our online store.

If you continue to use the services provided by the store after the amendment of the Rules, it is considered that you agree with the new edition of the Rules, partial changes or additions.

These Rules are governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania. All disputed issues are resolved by mutual agreement. If no agreement is reached - the procedure provided for by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.